Can Love Last Forever?

Posted by Lazarus on April 16th, 2008 filed in Relationships

This was the question asked recently in the movie Juno by its young star actress, Ellen Page. Astrologically speaking, the short answer is yes.� But if two people did not establish a friendship prior to starting a relationship with each other, the odds are not in their favor.� Having a friendship prior to falling in love, increases the strength and staying power of the relationship.� But to be able to be friends and lovers with the same partner is something that will already be in place even before the two people meet.

A compatibility chart in astrology will display the friendship and lover aspects between the two people who don’t even know each other.� Aspects between people show up as challenging, beneficial or neutral.� It can show aspects like strong friendships, emotional love, and mutual respect for each other.� It can also show challenging aspects such as disagreements, deception and dishonesty.

Yes, Juno, love can last forever but if there is a mixture of challenging and beneficial aspects in two couple’s charts, it will take a little more elbow grease to keep the relationship going when the going gets tough.

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