Can Astrology Help Solve My Money Problems?

Posted by Lazarus on May 18th, 2008 filed in Money

Your astrological birth chart describes how you might earn your money, how you spend it and how you may accumulate it.  There are so many factors to consider when determining individual wealth that it is very complex to come up with a definitive answer and must be determined based on the characteristics of the individual from their birth chart.  Those who are determined to make money and save it will accumulate it.  There are some who will spend it faster than they can make it and will accumulate nothing except more debt.

One of the most popular questions surrounding money is “will I win the big lottery?”  An astrologer is sometimes able to approximately determine a lottery win based on the position of certain planets, usually but not limited to Venus (money), Uranus (surprises) and Jupiter (expansion). But the question of wealth includes holding onto money which is ruled by the planet Saturn (responsibility).  If a person wins a large sum of money but spends it all with nothing to show for it, this will likely be reflected in their chart from the relationship between the planet Neptune (dissolvement) and Venus (money).  When a birthtime is known, then the houses also come into play in a birth chart with the second house ruling money matters as well as the ruler of the second house and its placement in the chart.  As you can see, it can get very complex and it is not a simple task to determine if a person will become wealthy in their lifetime.  But those who can’t seem to save money can always get others who are knowledgeable in this area to help them such as using the services of an investment broker.  This is just one example of how we can circumvent our birth charts by teaming up with others to change our fortune.

My favorite story of the ups and downs of finances is when New York real estate magnate Donald Trump was going through a tough period.  The story goes that during the 1990 real estate crunch when Donald lost millions, he passed by a homeless person and realized that the man was wealthier than he was.  Donald, of course, later went on to bounce back and recover his billionaire status.  In his birth chart, Donald’s money planet Venus is well aspected to Uranus as well as Mars (determination).

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