Can I Change My Future?

Posted by Lazarus on May 19th, 2008 filed in Astrology Definition

Without getting into too much detail and tackling the question of destiny vs free will, you can alter your future in a number of different ways.  When two people come together in any type of relationship (business partnership or marriage for example), they will experience life on multiple levels.  They will still have things happen only to themselves but they now have a new birth chart based on the day that the new relationship started.  Thus, they will live this new shared birth chart and future possibilities with their business partner(s) or significant other.

On a more subtle level, you can change your future by making very small changes in the way you approach things.  A number of motivational speakers talk about intention.  Why you do things has everything to do with the eventual outcome.  Am I in my current job because I enjoy my work or is it just a paycheque?  Making better choices makes for a better life.  Easier said than done though.  Many are stuck in jobs they wish they weren’t because of convenience, lack of education, or just complacency.  It takes considerable effort to make a change.  Astrology can help you see where your strengths are and whether or not you have hidden skills that are not being acted upon.

Another way of changing your future is to alter the way you think about the present.  This could be deemed a lazier or passive approach but is just as valid which can yield instant results.  It is what has been called “making lemonade out of lemons”.  Seeing your situation differently and in a positive light is not only a coping mechanism but will cause the body to react differently. A recent study on the immune system found that you can boost your immune system by thinking positive.  Whether your happier outlook is based on fact or an illusion doesn’t matter.  Just by imagining that your future is brighter, things are getting better and you will succeed releases endorphins and other important immune boosting chemicals.  Pretending that your situation is getting better in turn will attract more positives in your life which will have a snowball effect. A good example of this is pretending to be what you want to be in life.  This can supersede the aspects in your birth chart pushing you beyond any limitations or restrictions.  This is a common technique for a high jumper as they imagine themselves clearing the bar before they actually attempt the jump.

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