Can The Earth’s Wobble Change Your Sun Sign?

Posted by Lazarus on February 6th, 2011 filed in Advanced Astrology

The earth’s wobble would cause your sun sign to change if the zodiac constellations moved in the night sky. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how much you like your sun sign and according to horoscopic astrology, the constellations don’t move.  Therefore, the horoscope dates never change and neither will your sun sign.  The planets, stars and constellations are merely symbolic but are not meant to be taken literally in the astronomical sense.

Horoscopic astrology first appeared in Egypt nearly 3,000 years ago.  Those that say the sun signs change over time are referring to the “precession of the equinox” which is the gradual change in the Earth’s axis of rotation.  This change in rotation would seem to move the dates of the zodiac.

Vedic astrologers take into consideration the earth’s wobble and is different from horoscopic astrology by almost one sun sign.  However, Vedic astrology does not account for the differences in size of the different constellations.  Some constellations occupy a much greater space in the night sky than 30 degrees or one-twelfth of a 360 degree circle. Therefore, Vedic astrology or any other astrological system based on the earth’s wobble cannot be used to determine what are traditionally known as the twelve signs of the zodiac.

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