The Healing Abilities of Music (Venus)

Posted by Lazarus on October 23rd, 2011 filed in Thoughts

I am interested in hearing any stories about how music has brought you comfort during a stressful time or has simply helped make your life richer.  I have found that the lyrics and melody of a song can connect on an emotional level and actually change our moods in much the same way that meditation can alter states of consciousness.

We all know how our favorite music can lift our spirits when we are having a difficult day. It was recently documented that certain types of music can boost the immune system when listened to on a regular basis.  Medical research has also shown that music can help speed up the natural healing of the body and actually rehabilitate.

Music has been used for centuries to honor and pay tribute to fallen heroes (Amazing Grace) as well as comforting our loved ones during the grieving process. When hearing the lyrics of a song that describes our situation, it is almost as if the song’s message is therapeutic much in the same way talking to a close friend about a troubling situation can calm and provide solace to us.

Music and artistic avenues of expression are ruled by the planet Venus. Those that possess a strong relationship between Taurus (throat, larynx, vocal chords, etc) and its ruler Venus (music) along with Mercury (how we communicate) can often become singers and musicians or at the very least will surround themselves with music and song. There is nothing written in the stars however that demands we pursue a music career because of a strong Venusian influence in our chart as there are numerous factors in one’s natal chart that determine how we will integrate the energies of Venus into our lives. However, many famous singers and musicians have a significant association with Venus and Taurus in their natal chart. Randy Travis has his sun in Taurus with Taurus rising. Barbara Streisand has the sun closely tied to Mercury in Taurus. Kelly Clarkson has both sun and moon in Taurus with Venus strongly tied to Mercury.

Again, there are likely just as many singers and musicians that seem to have no special relationship between Venus, Taurus and Mercury. One could argue that those born with the strong musical associations already in place astrologically came into this world already gifted musically and were somewhat destined to become singers. Conversely, those that lacked any real astrologically indicated relationships between the musical planets in their natal chart may have found themselves with a constant struggle to find their singing voice.  The world is filled with gifted singers that have barely sang a note and average singers that have had international success purely based on their tenacity, drive and poetic abilities.

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