Jupiter and Overeating

Posted by Lazarus on March 17th, 2015 filed in Astrology Definition

Addiction comes in many forms and can be either positive or negative depending on how it affects your well-being. You can become obsessed over self-improvement (i.e. improving your physique or mind), political ambitions, work, people, food, stimulants and other activities. Studying your natal chart can help you to see where you focus your energies and how these energies interact with everyday life.

Astrology provides you with the knowledge that allows you to transform yourself since you are not a prisoner of your own personality. Once you know how the energies in your chart work and where they may affect you adversely, you can actually choose where to place your focus to get the most out of your strengths while mitigating any negative attributes caused by clashes between opposing forces (i.e. emotional overeating may be seen when your natal Jupiter (expansion) is at odds with your natal Moon (ruler of our eating habits and emotions). Once you understand that you can direct the energies like Jupiter into other areas in your daily routine, you are able to take back control of your life. For example, when you feel the urge to indulge in your favourite junk food is the time to deal with your feelings that are not being addressed. To compensate for the expanding energy of Jupiter, you can take a walk along a local lake or any larger body of water (Jupiter) to calm your emotions. You can also document and expand on your innermost thoughts and feelings by sending yourself a long, detailed message. Astrologers have paid attention over several thousands of years as to why these things work to ease our emotional tensions and have watched patterns repeat themselves over and over again. Jupiter can be the most beneficial influence in our lives helping to create prosperity, success and fortune but like any energy also has to be respected for the overindulgence it can cause.

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