Life is always changing

Posted by Lazarus on November 18th, 2017 filed in Thoughts

One of the main reasons I am told that people love to read their daily horoscope is because it makes thoughtful suggestions about how to deal with a life that is constantly changing. Just when you had started to get comfortable with a relationship, a job or a way of doing things, surprise – the situation changes and many times, from somewhere out of left field. It usually is quite disconcerting and in many instances, you have no one to turn to for an explanation. That is why I started studying astrology; because it at least gave me a sense that there isn’t complete chaos in the world. Based on objects in the sky dating back to the astrologers who were guided by the star of Bethlehem to find the Christ child (which experts claim may have been a supernova or a number of planets overlapping one another), one could use these markers to forecast coming events based on how they aligned with each other.

In the past year or so, we have seen the playbook thrown out the window on a massive scale: Brexit, Trump, and more recently, the tide turning on those that had taken advantage of their positions of power and authority. Things have been shaken up and if you knew how to read the astrological indicators on a large scale, you may have seen it coming. I didn’t bother even looking for an astrological explanation of these massive events because after spending most of 2017 following politics (who didn’t), I have come to the conclusion that I don’t want to know everything about the future – that would ruin the surprise!

Change says: “don’t try and stop me” and if you are one of those that have tried to keep things the same and failed, you have probably either learned to just go with the flow next time or have taken back control of your life and now you are the one that decides when and if change will happen and on your own terms.

A close friend was recently presented with an opportunity that would have changed everything and was offered a nice amount of money to do something that he didn’t particular want to do. He said he would take the job for the money. Since he loves what he does right now, you would think that it would have been easy for him to turn down the offer. Nope. Why does it seem that if someone throws a lot of money at you, this is somehow more important than current job satisfaction? Instead of giving him advise based on astrology, I told him to look up the seven deadly sins. He did and told me that he was expecting to find greed at the top of this list. He said he couldn’t believe it was pride. Pride is the ringleader of the sins. “Look how much money I will be making, I must be more important than I thought, hey everyone, I guess I am important after all and I think my status has just improved too!” When you have the chance to make a career decision like this, you are in charge of deciding whether to do something about it rather than someone else making that change for you. So anyone that says our future is already decided is not correct. We do have choices. Opportunities can be predicted but what actually happens is many times up to us, our attitudes about life, and our ethics and morals. It may seem smart to let your common sense guide you and hopefully you will stay away from making a bad decision based on pride or greed. But it isn’t always that simple. Some may think that they can put up with a high paying but stressful job as a stepping stone to eventually get to where they can make the greatest difference in their chosen field. Others may view that person as being greedy or ladder climbing. There are many different ways to look at a change and it really is a personal thing – no one size fits all. Just remember to be kind to others when you eventually get to where you are going.

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