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Thursday, May 30th, 2024


This is not a day to go overboard. Going too far in one direction can have the exact opposite effect. A simple example of this is overeating with putting on weight as it's opposite. Try and stay balanced. If you find yourself eating too many sweets, take control of the situation and spend more time working out at gym to compensate in the other direction.

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About Aquarius

Aquarius is a loyal partner and values a good friendship. They need their freedom to originally express their ideas. Aquarius are the friendliest people and will have more friends at times than they know what to do with. Aquarian will appear detached and uncaring but don't be fooled; they are just into their own world and will eventually invite you in. Aquarius can be very emotional at times and the exact opposite an hour later. Aquarius will never lose hope and can be the fiercest optimists.

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