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Thursday, June 24th, 2021


This is a day where you feel emotionally distant but you would actually prefer to be more involved. It would be nice sometimes to be able to switch our feelings on or off depending on whether the experience is enjoyable or painful. You were able to hang on in the past in difficult situations by detaching from what was going on. This mechanism, unfortunately, does not discriminate and may show up even when the event is constructive and enjoyable. Positive emotional experiences will begin to return once you make a conscious decision to allow the less pleasurable ones into your life again.

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About Aquarius

Aquarius is a loyal partner and values a good friendship. They need their freedom to originally express their ideas. Aquarius are the friendliest people and will have more friends at times than they know what to do with. Aquarian will appear detached and uncaring but don't be fooled; they are just into their own world and will eventually invite you in. Aquarius can be very emotional at times and the exact opposite an hour later. Aquarius will never lose hope and can be the fiercest optimists.

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