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Tuesday, June 27th, 2017


This is a day to re-evaluate the way you handle disappointment. You are intellectually and emotionally ready to explore this subject. Rather than avoid your feelings, try doing the exact opposite and not escaping into your regular routine. It will become obvious that you have let a number of things build up. These are causing you unnecessary stress. Tackling your problems head on will help you to rely less on non-productive solutions.

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About Sagittarius

Sagittarius cannot be anything but honest. This may result in a few bumps in the road as they may not say the right thing at the right time. Others love Sagittarius for their sense of humor and optimism, even when things look bleak. Sagittarius wants it all but would prefer if they didn't have to work hard for it. They love a good challenge and will usually surprise others with their intellect at the most inappropriate times. Sagittarius have a theory on most things and avoid pessimism at all costs. Sagittarius crave excitement but have to be wary of too much of it at once.

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