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Friday, December 2nd, 2022


You are uninterested in taking part today. Be careful that you haven't bought into the illusion of what others feel is important. You don't feel like participating because you do not agree with what is required of you. You are correct in your analysis of the situation. State your opinion to someone who you respect. They should be able to help you assess things properly without giving up your self-respect and integrity. This will help you to stay motivated and continue to enjoy what you do without losing interest.

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About Taurus

Taurus has a big heart and people rely on them. Along with their obvious kindness, Taurus needs to feel secure. They can be a bit inflexible at times but they have their reasons. Taurus persistence will bring them what they want. They just have to know when to switch off that determination. Taurus needs emotional and material security and will put all of their energy into making sure they are stable.

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