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Monday, May 27th, 2019


Today you think that if you only had more money, your life would be easier and more enjoyable. This is a bit of an illusion but we often fantasize about what being financially secure would be like. If your financial difficulties were eradicated, your life would be somewhat different but not necessarily easier. Money buys things but it doesn't cure depression, make relationships run smoothly, lessen feelings of guilt, satisfy needs and wants or alleviate boredom. To make life more enjoyable, focus on those things which give you moments of enjoyment and do them more often.

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About Cancer

Cancer is protective about the family and home. They care about their partners and are able to express themselves emotionally. Sometimes a Cancer can become too sensitive; this is part of their moodiness. They learn to control their emotions as they get older. Cancer has an uncanny memory and is very sentimental and sympathetic to others. They are tenacious and will not be swayed when they desire something.

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