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Sunday, January 26th, 2020


The right attitude will make all the difference today. Even though you may not feel like putting on a happy face today, giving it that little bit extra will pay off in huge dividends. Don't get dragged down into the well just because others around you are looking at things from a pessimistic viewpoint. You will not be kicked out of the club if you argue against their negativity and take a more positive stance that can make all sides agreeable. We all tend to jump on the bandwagon when the finger pointing begins. You will be respected if you stand up for the unpopular today.

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About Cancer

Cancer is protective about the family and home. They care about their partners and are able to express themselves emotionally. Sometimes a Cancer can become too sensitive; this is part of their moodiness. They learn to control their emotions as they get older. Cancer has an uncanny memory and is very sentimental and sympathetic to others. They are tenacious and will not be swayed when they desire something.

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