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Sunday, December 15th, 2019


You are waiting for luck to find you. Today will be another day that you find yourself wondering if it will ever happen to you. Others win the lottery so how about you? Are they the chosen ones? Actually, winning money has little to do with luck. The lucky ones don't need to wait for money as it causes them anguish. However, the lucky ones really don't have a lot of money. They have enough to get by but are still rich with friends and family. If you enjoy what you do for a living and have people that love and care about you, then winning a lottery won't make you any happier than you already are.

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About Cancer

Cancer is protective about the family and home. They care about their partners and are able to express themselves emotionally. Sometimes a Cancer can become too sensitive; this is part of their moodiness. They learn to control their emotions as they get older. Cancer has an uncanny memory and is very sentimental and sympathetic to others. They are tenacious and will not be swayed when they desire something.

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