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Wednesday, September 19th, 2018


You will realize today that even though you are having a good day, others around you are not. This is always a challenging time for you because you want to enjoy your day but will end up listening to the negativity of others. In this situation, humor can really help pick up the spirits of those around you. Without making light of their situation, relate their situation to something that causes you pain. For example, if someone is sad, let them know that it is nice of them to be sad over your favorite sports team losing all the time. Tell them that you were once like them but have already cried all of your tears and don't have anymore left to give.

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About Cancer

Cancer is protective about the family and home. They care about their partners and are able to express themselves emotionally. Sometimes a Cancer can become too sensitive; this is part of their moodiness. They learn to control their emotions as they get older. Cancer has an uncanny memory and is very sentimental and sympathetic to others. They are tenacious and will not be swayed when they desire something.

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