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Thursday, March 30th, 2023


You will have an opportunity to help someone today but you will almost want to avoid it. It is not so much that you are not a kind person. You are just tired of people taking advantage of you or not being appreciative of your actions. The act of helping someone makes you feel good most of the time. Since most will appreciate your assistance whether they acknowledge it or not, just know that you are making a difference

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About Scorpio

Scorpio is a determined and powerful individual. They have no problem expressing themselves sexually and will not do well with superficial partners. Scorpio throw themselves into projects that get their emotions involved. They have a strong urge to get to the root of the situation and won't give up until they do. Scorpio can become quiet when provoked and will not strike back right away. This is not a sign of weakness; Scorpio will just continue on and watch with amusement while the individual falls flat on their face. Scorpio tend to have more excitement in their lives than most. This is likely due to their attractiveness as well as a magnetic personality.

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